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The MediaLight Mk2 Series is shipping NOW. Use code "FreeShip" for USA orders $40 and up. Same day shipping before 3pm.

MediaLight Bias Lighting

Shipping Rates and Terms

We ship all orders from NJ. We will only refund shipping if we are eligible for a shipping refund from the carrier. Delivery times are carrier estimates only.

United States

Standard Shipping $3.50 (2-5 days -- ships from New Jersey)
Other methods are charged at the actual carrier rate. You can view the shipping rate calculator in your cart during checkout. 

We also offer same day delivery in NJ and NY through Roadie.com.  The average cost is about $45, though. :\ Priority or UPS ground are vastly less expensive and usually next day. 


First Class International Package $13.35 (Usually covers a single MediaLight Mk2)
DHL Express Worldwide Discounts calculated based on order value and weight.  Rates are quite reasonable but there may be brokerage fees. 
Other shipping methods are charged at carrier rates

You can view the shipping rate calculator in your cart during checkout. 
This rate doesn't include any customs or brokerage fees.  It does not include local sales taxes or value added taxes.  For faster delivery, and to avoid unpredictable fees, please consider ordering from our Canadian website. 

People's Republic of China
Postal Class: China Post
Orders under 1 lb: $3
Orders between 1.001 -10 lb: $6
Orders over 10.001 lb: $10

Worldwide Shipping Rates (everywhere else not listed above)

We charge the actual shipping cost for the method selected.

You can view the shipping rate calculator in your cart during checkout. Check out our dealer map to find a dealer that is closer to you and you may be able to avoid customs duties and delays! We are not responsible for any customs duties or brokerage fees if you choose to buy from our USA website instead of one of our international dealers.

1) We only ship to South America, Central America and Mexico via DHL Worldwide Express.  No other methods deliver reliably and we had to discontinue all USPS service to all nations in this shipping zone because most orders sent by USPS never arrive. 

Shipping fees on BiasLighting.com NEVER include any customs duties or brokerage fees that you may owe upon delivery. 
While most US orders arrive within a few days even with the free shipping option, you should anticipate that US Post Office methods will be delivered after the estimated delivery date. It varies by region and individual post office.

👍🏻If you do not find the following terms agreeable, please do not order at this time:

  • International customers should use DHL if you are on a deadline. 
  • If you place an order, you accept all of the following shipping terms, which dictate if and when a replacement unit or refund will be offered.


International orders
  • A DHL shipment is not considered lost until it has not been delivered for 14 days. Additionally, an order is not considered late until it has not been delivered for 14 days. We transmit all of our commercial invoices electronically to DHL for clearance. Please note: There are never any refunds for DHL service. There are no exceptions. 
  • A USPS International shipment is not considered lost until it has not been delivered for 60 days. Please note: There are never any refunds for international USPS service. There are no exceptions. 
  • If you don't accept a package, for any reason, you will not receive a refund for shipping. We may issue a partial refund for the undelivered items if and when they are returned to us. Any refund will be calculated after return shipping and customs fees. If the fees exceed the initial order price, we reserve the right to bill you for the difference. 

Domestic Orders

  • A domestic USPS shipment is not considered lost until is has not been delivered for 14 days.
  • Most UPS shipments will arrive on the estimated delivery date. If a delivery date is missed, we will refund shipping only in situations where the order qualifies for a carrier shipping refund (i.e. service guarantees are not suspended due to weather, public health emergency, riots, etc.).

⚠️ Freight forwarder warning 

We sincerely hope that you will not use a freight forwarder. If you do use one against our advice, there's a very good chance that you won't receive your MediaLight product and that we won't replace it. 

  • Our liability for missing orders when a customer uses a 3rd-party freight forwarder is limited to delivery to the freight forwarder within the timeframe given above. Any claims for lost merchandise must occur between the customer and their freight forwarder. We are not responsible and will not refund orders lost by freight forwarders.
    • There are very significant warranty limitations that apply when a freight forwarder is used.  See our warranty page for more information. WE CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH: We strongly discourage the use of freight forwarders. However, if you use a freight forwarder you do so entirely at your own risk. Allow our site or our dealers to ship directly to enjoy full warranty and loss protection. 

If you are an international customer, please order from an international dealer instead.

Please note, that we have dealers in Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, and New Zealand and while the prices might appear to be higher, you will avoid the nasty surprise of customs and brokerage duties by buying locally. If you order from the USA and you do not accept an international shipment because you don't want to pay the duties, we will not be able to provide a refund of your order.
Duties are based on the total retail price plus the cost of shipping.  We cannot enter a lower cost on the customs form.