MediaLight Eclipse 6500K (61 cm) for Computer Monitors


MediaLight Eclipse 6500K (61 cm) for Computer Monitors - Bias Lighting
MediaLight Eclipse 6500K (61 cm) for Computer Monitors - Bias Lighting MediaLight Eclipse 6500K (61 cm) for Computer Monitors - Bias Lighting MediaLight Eclipse 6500K (61 cm) for Computer Monitors - Bias Lighting


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  • With dual display setups, should both displays have the kit attached? I have two 27" BenQ displays so I'd like to frame the as nicely as possible.

    Most put an eclipse on each display unless there is no gap between the displays, then sometimes the Flex or Single Strip is a better option.

  • My lights are stuck on white. How do I make them change colors?

    6500K White Bias Lights are white.  I'm sorry if you misread this to be color changing. I can see how that might happen.*

    *Actually, I cannot see how that is possible.  We've gone to great lengths to explain that these are proper D65 white bias lights.

  • How to mount them behind monitors..... Is there any standard procedures?

    Yes, please check our installation page.

  • Can with work with iMac?

    Yes. You won’t find a better backlight for your iMac.


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Ideal for smaller TV's (up to 42") and computer displays!

The MediaLight Eclipse is 24" long.  To give you an example of the size, it is large enough to span a 27" iMac and 24.5" Flanders Scientific CM250.  It provides enough light for a 42" TV on a stand  (without running from edge to edge). 

We created the MediaLight Eclipse in response to our professional colourist friends based on their feedback.  First, we built a shorter strip so that no SMD chips were cut or wasted.  Next, we replaced the remote with an inline dimmer (it uses the same 240 Hz frequency), which eliminates crosstalk in large studios where our remote was triggering multiple grading bays. Last, we included both a shorter USB cable and a longer 4ft USB extension for those who are using the lights on All-In-Ones and iMacs. 

The MediaLight Eclipse does not include an AC adapter. 

 Check out what professional colourists are saying.

Whichever version you choose, all MediaLight Bias Lighting Systems include:

  • High-accuracy 6500K CCT (Correlated Colour Temperature), full-spectrum D65 White
  • Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 95 Ra 
  • 5V USB Powered (can be powered by any TV, display or computer with a USB 3.0 port)
  • Included PWM dimmer (non-remote control version)
  • Peel and stick authentic 3M mounting adhesive
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

Our bias lights are custom built with light emitting diodes of the highest quality and accuracy. We may not be able to make all of your dreams come true, but we can at least solve your bias light problems. Your search for an accurate 6500K bias light ends now.

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